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Metal Working For Woodworkers

If you are a woodworker I think you should have enough hand skills to do
the metal work involved in building a Wombat Saw Mill.

Apart from welding, its primarily a matter of using some different tools to
work with metal instead of wood.

As I expected woodies without metal working experience to be interested, I designed the Wombat Saw Mill so that is mainly bolted together. There are very few welds needed so you could bolt one together and just get the small welding jobs done by a friend or local business or even maybe a nearby trade school.

Here are some public domain articles from Popular Mechanics and other magazines that may help you

Metal Working

Marking Metal
Marking Metal For Layouts
Hand Tapping Machine
Better Metal Drilling
How To Cut Sheetmetal
How To Use Metal Punches
Threading With Taps and Dies
How To Paint Galvanised Metal

Bending Metal

Small Sheetmetal Bender
Bending Sheetmetal With A Brake
Slip Roll

3 Different Power Hacksaws

Electric Hacksaw
Power Hack Saw
Motor Driven Hacksaw

2 Different Cut Off Saws

Cut Off Saw
Chop Saw

Swing Docking Saw
This saw is timber framed but lends
itself to steel construction, it is a
wood cutting saw but the basis may
make a good steel cutoff saw

Wood Working

How To Do Angular Drilling
How To Use A Power Saw
Stands For Power Tools
Circular Saw Blade Sharpener

Wombat Saw Mill Plans
Only $au99.00 for metric plans - available now
and $au99.00 for inch plans - available now.

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